The Product –

Solid Surface of Distinction specializes in Acrylic Solid Surfaces. This premium product is a fast emerging, latest technology and is increasing in consumer popularity at an unprecedented rate. This is due to its flexibility and endless application possibilities available when using solid surfaces.

Domestic –

Acrylic solid surface can be used for any new home, renovation or interior design project and can create a seamless finish to any vertical or horizontal application such as; kitchen, laundry bench tops, cupboard doors and splash backs or bathroom vanity. It can also be very effective for a grout free, full wet area lining for bathroom, shower and toilet. It is a great low maintenance, alternative to standard doors, skirting and architraves, balustrades or flooring.

Commercial Applications –

Medical and Dental surgery, complete hotel room fit outs, shop counter tops and fittings, partitions, cafe tables, desks, furniture, boardroom tables, bars etc.

Providing a cost effective alternative, interior decor option to stone, granite or laminate, acrylic solid surface can also be easily repaired and polished back to the same new condition as when it was installed, therefore, effectively making it a totally renewable surface.

Here are some of the key reasons for this increasing demand by consumers:

  • FreestyleNon Porous
  • Stain Resistant, Scratch Resistant
  • Seamless, Inconspicuous Joins
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Hygienic Anti-Bacterial (Food Zone Contact Approval – NSF51)
  • Green Rate (Product Assessment Cert) Ecospecifier Website
  • Flexibility in Design to Customized Shapes, Applications, Edge Profiles and Inlays
  • 100% renewable and repairable
  • Offer a range of kitchen sinks and bathroom vanity bowls that can be integrated with no open joins
  • Available in 100’s of colours to suit all decors